International Workshop "Creative Economies. An International Paradigm in European Cities"

This conference explores the paradigm of “creative economies” and its heuristic potentials and
pitfalls when applied to European cities. This half-day event is based on presentations by
international experts and a round table with representatives from culture, politics and economy.
For several years now the “creative economies” have kept sociological as well as cultural policy
agendas busy throughout Europe and beyond. From the Lisbon Agenda on the innovation and
learning economy (2000) and the Europe 2020 Strategy for Growth and Jobs launched in 2010
to the recent United Nations Creative Economy Report (2013), emphasis has been put on the
pivotal role of creative work and the importance of sectors based on creativity for the economic,
social, and political development of countries. At the same time, respective discourses have
become prominent objects of criticism. Can creativity and culture foster economic, social,
political well-being in different national and local settings? What actual or potential contradictions
have to be taken into account? How can the various outcomes and implications of culture industry
policies be grasped?
Set up by the Research Committee Sociology of Arts and Culture (CR-SAC) of the Swiss
Sociological Associations (SSA) with the Institute of Sociology of the University of St. Gallen, this
follow up event of the international Congress "Art & Market" of November 2016 brings together
researchers and students, professionals in the field of arts, culture, cultural policy and economy
as well a wider audience and the media.

Prof. Dr. Ilja VAN DAMME (University of Antwerpen)
Prof. Dr. Simon GRAND (University of St. Gallen)
Dr. Janet MERKEL (University of London)
Dr. Elsa VIVANT (University of Paris 8)
Prof. Dr. Christoph WECKERLE (ZHdK, Zurich)

Dr. Dave O'BRIEN (University of Edinburgh)

Organising Committee:
Olivier MOESCHLER (University of Lausanne), Andrea GLAUSER (University of Lucerne) & Valérie ROLLE (University
of Nantes) of the CR-SAC Research Committee Sociology of Arts and Culture (Foko-KUKUSO) of the SSA
& Franz SCHULTHEIS, Thomas MAZZURANA & Patricia HOLDER (Institute of Sociology, University of St. Gallen)